Liberty Lake Wine Cellars is proud to produce wines from the Red Mountain AVA. The smallest (4,040 acres) and warmest wine growing region in Washington, Red Mountain AVA wines are known for their bold, balanced, and intense berry flavors. 

2014 Heritage Reserve Red Blend - Released March 2019

Introducing our 2014 Heritage Reserve red blend. This small lot production of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Syrah was blended after secondary fermentation to ensure a seamless integration of these two varietals. With a nose of barrel spice and cherry from aging 32 months in new American oak, the wine palate extends to a hint of black pepper and a light finish.

2016 Bud Burst Reserve Red Blend- Released February 2019
Scooteney Flats and Redpath Vineyard

Our first true Bordeaux blend is sourced from Scooteney Flats and Redpath vineyards is our newest creation from Red Mountain. Bud Burst, which refers to the time in early spring when dormant grape vines begin to produce new shoots, is our flagship wine replacing Legacy in name only. This wine begins with a nose of sweet cherry, linen, and licorice followed by a palate of huge berry flavors, strong tannins, and a long finish. Bud Burst will stand up to cellaring being elegant yet unfiltered. (34% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Franc, 10% Malbec, and 6% Petit Verdot)

2016 Cabernet Sauvignon - Released February 2019
Redpath Vineyard

As quoted by Wine Enthusiast, “this straightforward and to the point” Cabernet Sauvignon from the Redpath vineyard is a wonderful addition to our current tasting room lineup. Smelling of black cherry and brand new barrel spice, the nose extends to the palate tasting of dark fruit. The wine’s light tannins and balanced acids due to a well-timed rain near harvest date make this a perfect complement to any rich meal.

2016 Merlot - Gold Medal Winner and Best in Category, 2018 Northwest Wine Summit
Redpath Vineyard

Introducing our first gold medal winning Merlot, which took home Best in Category at the 2018 Northwest Wine Summit. This fruit forward wine smells of chocolate and is delightfully complex on the palate with notes of red currant and leather; nostalgic of the childhood memory of chewing on your baseball mitt. The sleek tannin profile from 20-months aging in 100% new Slovakian oak round out this bold expression of Red Mountain Merlot.

2016 Syrah - 90 Points from Wine Enthusiast, Released May 2019

Our 2016 Syrah, sourced from Ranch at the End of the Road Vineyard®, starts with a nose of blackberry and blue fruit followed by ripe, full-bodied fruit flavors with slightly gritty tannins. As quoted by Wine Enthusiast’s Sean Sullivan, “It delivers a lot of hedonistic appeal.” This Syrah was the first wine made by Mark and Sarah as the new owners of the winery, harvested on August 30th, 2016, and aged in 66% new American oak.

2017 Tahija Chardonnay

The second vintage of Tahija Chardonnay stands out as a beautiful expression of the varietal. Sourced in the heart of the Columbia Valley, this wine bursts forth with freshness and a tropical nose of pineapple and honey. The light color of straw is misleading as the palate is more complicated than it appears, with star fruit at the forefront and a finish of Meyer lemon and bright acidity. Hints of toffee show through from the judicious use of oak that was used to balance out the brightness in the fruit.

2017 Gewürztraminer

Our 2017 Gewürztraminer wine is our first foray into an “orange” or “skin contact” white wine and our first Gewürztraminer. “Orange” denotes the color and “skin contact” indicates how it was produced. Just like a red wine, this wine sat on its skins through fermentation before being pressed. The result is a full-bodied white wine, tangerine in color, and more structure and tannins than a typical white wine. With a nose of pear and wild rose, it tastes of nectarine and lychee finishing creamy and clean. Reminiscent of autumn colors this wine reminds us of a beautiful day floating down the river in a fishing raft. Although the air is crisp, the sun warms the raft and the smell of the trees, grass, and river warms our soul one final time for the season. For more information on orange/skin contact white wine, click here.

2018 Tahija Dry Riesling - Released April 2019
Red Willow Vineyard

Our 2018 Tahija Dry Riesling hails from a block planted in the historic Red Willow Vineyard in 1982. A scarce resource, only through a partnership with Martedi Winery in Woodinville do we have access to this highly pedigreed fruit. This wine has a nose of pink grapefruit and fresh flavors of passion fruit, granny smith apple, and key lime. A true representation of this prolific Washington State varietal.

2018 Tahija Sangiovese Rose’ - Released May 2019
Candy Mountain Vineyard

Our 2018 Sangiovese Rose’ is a single vineyard offering from Candy Mountain Vineyard, a site adjacent to Red Mountain. We press immediately after destemming with our classic basket press, a process which creates a heavier bodied rose’ than typical even though the color is light from the minimal skin contact. The elevated acidity in Sangiovese perfectly offsets the off-dry finish of this year’s offering, making this rose’ an easy drinking favorite full of lip-smacking fruit flavors.
This wine is also in Sparkling form as glass pours in our tasting room.

Upcoming Releases

2017 Tahija Sangiovese
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Wine Club Only Releases

2016 Malbec
2016 Petit Verdot
2017 Zinfandel

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